January 3, 2017


Tech enthusiasts have already started making their annual trek to Las Vegas for CES 2017 which opens its doors later this week on January 5. With the early arrivals comes early reports of what this year’s show has in store for attendees.

We’ve shared our predictions for tech that’ll set the tone on the showroom floor, from intelligent transportation to AR/VR, and other outlets have added in their two cents on CES expectations.

Yes Way, 4K

Don’t worry, 4k isn’t the price tag. These Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K TVs are named for their 4,000-pixel horizontal resolution, and they’re slated to make a splash at their sixth CES. Like the content challenges that HDTV faced in its early days, the increased demand for UHD has been met with more programming options, particularly via streaming services and Blu-ray.

Tightening the Locks

Cybersecurity had its moment in 2016, with high profile hacks, vulnerable connected devices and more. Considering the ever-increasing volume of connected devices being used in daily life  — wearables, in-home devices, and cars —  it’s expected that cybersecurity will be in the spotlight for each of these technologies.

Start Your Engines and Sit Back

We already knew that driverless cars and other forms of intelligent transportation would be a major focus for 2017, but now, days before the event, rumors of more announcements are popping up. ReadWrite reported today that Ford will be debuting an autonomous Fusion Hybrid, while others have zeroed in on electric vehicles like the Chrysler Portal, which will have its big reveal at the show. In addition to autonomous ambitions, announcements on AI assistant collaborations between automakers like Hyundai and Nissan and tech giants like Google and Microsoft from Hyundai are also expected.

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