Technological advancements are transforming what once seemed impossible into reality. But broader use of these life-changing technologies in the next decade can bring new security risks.

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The Metaverse: An immersive environment with real-world protection concerns

The metaverse has the potential to fundamentally change how we connect with one another. But the immersive technologies underpinning what may be regarded as the next iteration of the Internet could be vulnerable.

Watch IEEE Senior Member Kayne McGladrey on Metaverse Security: New Technologies and Applications Require Novel Solutions

How heartbeats and biological signals could form cryptographic keys

Implantable medical devices can change the lives of their users. But they are vulnerable to attack. Researchers are focused on using the body’s own data as the beginnings of a cryptographic key to secure these devices.

Watch IEEE Graduate Student Member Shally Gupta on Medical Implants Require New Cybersecurity Solutions

Autonomous Vehicles: Risk on a massive mobile scale

Cyber-physical risk is continually found in industrial systems. But widespread breaches of autonomous vehicles may be how cyber-physical risk affects moving consumer technology in new ways.

Watch IEEE Fellow Guoliang Xing on Autonomous Vehicles: Cyber-Physical Risk on a Massive Scale

Quantum Computing: Solving the once unsolvable, with new risks

Quantum computing may usher in a new era of life-changing discovery in multiple fields such as vaccine and drug development. But it may also be used to break some of the world’s common encryption systems, challenging the tech community to evolve rapidly. 

Watch IEEE Senior Member Kevin Curran on Yes, Quantum Computers Are Coming. What Does That Mean for Cybersecurity?

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