May 31, 2017

CES Asia is coming soon and with it are predictions about the exciting tech that will be unveiled in Shanghai, China 7-9 June, 2017. With the theme of Connectivity, Innovation and the Internet of Things, and over 450 exhibiting companies, this year’s show is sure to focus on these top technologies with many new innovations.

Artificial Intelligence  

The spotlight will be on AI, shining particular light on the advances in the power of these type of computer “brains.” We expect to see companies continue to use this technology through personal assistants, as well as to help improve the world of medical technology.

IoT & Smart Home

Over the past year, we’ve seen an increase in companies turning every ordinary device into a connected smart version of itself. But now, we expect the focus of IoT and the exhibitors at CES Asia to move toward data analytics and how the data collected can be used to enhance the IoT experience without compromising privacy.

Car Tech

Self-driving cars and connected cars have occupied the news this year. We are expecting to see more technology surrounding autonomous vehicles with a focus on ridesharing, reductions in traffic accidents and cars communicating with each other and the city infrastructure. Cars that are smart and safer are sure to be a big focus at the show.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

VR and AR technology is expanding greatly beyond just gaming and entertainment. WIth more and more content being created, new ways to experience VR will likely take center stage at the show this year.



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