January 12, 2018

When people explore the relationship between technology and fitness, the conversation quickly pivots to wearables. Indoor bike startup Peloton is shaking things up with its latest exercise innovation: The Tread.

What may look like a normal treadmill, Tread has the bells and whistles of something much smarter. Like Peloton’s bikes, Tread is equipped with a screen that streams real-time fitness classes. The on-demand classes offer a one-way feed so that instructors can communicate with the user, and get a real-time digest of their activity level while using Tread.

Tread is optimized for shock absorption, and offers a seamless feature for controlling incline and speed without stopping you in your stride.

The real draw to the Tread is its exclusive content – broadcast on a 32-inch display. It’s an immersive experience, and one that’s set to seriously disrupt the traditional gym and even more modern boutique class fitness models.



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