August 17, 2016


Athletes train long and hard before qualifying to compete at the Summer Games, and over the years, technology has played a bigger role in the process.

Halo Sport headphones have been of particular interest to athletes; the headphones are backed by neurotechnology that has been used by the US military in its pilot training. The draw for athletes is that the headphones use pulses of energy that stimulate the brain to increase the excitability of motor neurons. When motor neurons are activated, the athlete is able to get more out of each movement. As pulses travel to the brain, normal movements can be optimized and refined and new skills can be honed.

While the product is still in the preorder phase, US athletes, relayer Natasha Hastings, relay sprinter Mike Rogers, and 400m hurdler Michael Tinsley were each able to snag a pair for training. Hopefully, this special training tech gives these runners the advantage they need when competing at the Summer Games.

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