September 19, 2016


E-ink technology is not new, but is rarely seen in new devices. There are some great benefits to E-ink, such as muted tones and long battery life. The lack of a digitally backlit screen makes it easier on eyes. While E-ink has mostly been seen in devices like the Kindle, a new watch was unveiled by Sony that uses the technology for the screen, but also for the band.

While the watch is a new piece of technology, the company wants to focus on it being marketed as a fashion accessory to consumers. New clothing styles are not the only fashion at this year’s Fashion Week. The E-ink watch has the capacity to change the design on the face, as well as the band, which is made of a flexible e-ink material. This would not be possible with a digital screen. The watch syncs with an app on your phone and comes with different design choices that can be changed to match your outfit or even your mood, all with the touch of a button.

The material that makes up the band is thicker than a traditional watch band to accommodate the flexible e-ink, a small design sacrifice in the face of its customization. The watch is waterproof, which is a feature smartwatches tend to forgo. While the watch, which is only available in Japan at this time,  may not top a tech-seekers wish list, it offers tech-savvy fashionistas a creative and customizable accessory.


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