September 1, 2016


Are you willing to take the plunge and trade in your iPhone for a flip phone? Believe it or not, flip phones are making a comeback. With research showing that 64% of American adults have a smartphone, there’s no doubt that most people would not trade theirs in.

Flip phone users aren’t necessarily your parents or grandparents; the demographic also extends to millennials. In addition to millennials, celebrities, corporate executives, and government officials rely on them. The reason? They want to talk versus text, all without the risk of their phone being hacked. We see it all the time, people glued to their IPhone in public places such as in restaurants, on trains, even while walking. As much as smartphones provide a wealth of information at your fingertips, the cost could be your privacy.

People are switching to flip phones for many reasons, including price, size, convenience, durability and battery life. Some flip phone models that have smartphone features such as Wi-Fi, web-browsing, video, 3G, GPS, apps, expandable memory, onboard speakers, and music playing capabilities. Flip phones are also physically stronger than most smartphones on the market; some can survive a fall and others can even survive a drop into water. Mobile carriers recognize there is still a need and desire for this more entry-level technology.

While smartphones will likely remain the technology of choice for mobile phone users, flip phone manufacturers continue to work on improving flip phone capabilities for the future as an alternative.


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