January 9, 2018

Samsung has staked its claim in the IoT with its smart, connected enhancements to everyday standalone appliances like refrigerators and televisions, and at CES 2018, they’ve set the focus on integration.

Like other tech giants, in 2017 Samsung announced a digital assistant to help improve communication and functionality between connected devices. The assistant, dubbed “Bixby,” is a step ahead of other voice-controlled assistants, because it is built into a smartphone’s camera. On the showroom floor, Samsung demonstrated Bixby’s ability to recognize common food items, take an inventory of their nutrition values, and track them against any fitness activity logged in your phone.

With a focus on supporting healthier lifestyles, Samsung also showcased its “Family Hub” smart fridge, which can now communicate with compatible ovens to preheat, set timers, and more helping take recipes from concept to creation.

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