December 8, 2017

Amazon has made headlines for years around its impact on shipping logistics, and its alleged intentions to create a rival service to compete with major domestic couriers. While conversations about Amazon and its drone-based delivery pursuits may be “old news,” they resurfaced with fresh facts in 2017, when the Seattle-based company announced plans to roll out a smart lock, the Amazon Key. The conversation has now returned to drones, but this time, it involves drones that will self destruct.

This isn’t quite like the concept of self-destruction conjured up by the popular 80s cartoon Inspector Gadget; instead, the Amazon drones will only self-destruct in the event of an emergency. The progress appears to be slow, as reports only mention the company having been granted the patent for this technology, with no further updates as of yet.

Before you start worrying about random drones combusting in the sky — rest assured, the idea is that whoever is manning the drone can ensure that the drone environment is actually ideal for destruction in the event of some sort of issue, without damaging property or causing any injuries.

This most recent patent only adds to the intrigue surrounding Amazon’s investment in drone technology for deliveries, and maybe more.


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