September 15, 2017

IEEE conducted interviews with robotics experts from all around the world and asked them to speak about how robots learn and to share demos of the robots they’ve worked with.

Our third and final video features IEEE Member Esther Luna Colombini, Professor at the University of Campinas in Brazil. She works on robots and teaches them how to play soccer. While this sounds fun, it’s difficult to get the robots to understand their location on the field, how they should behave when interacting with other robots, and how to play the game.

The main goal of this project is to use this “fun” environment to teach robots different learning processes, such as:

  • imitating another robot or another person
  • learning from trial and error
  • simulating robots on computers and building algorithms to then transfer to the real robots

Every movement of the soccer-playing robots has to be learned through cognitive systems. They can learn from prior behaviors and then improve on the behavior, so they eventually can play soccer without the help of humans.

Learn more about robotics by checking out the videos and demonstrations from robotics experts in our How Robots Learn series.


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