August 22, 2016


While many automakers have been making headlines as of late with their plans for a driverless future, Ford has upped competitive ante by announcing its intention to have its fully autonomous Level 4 cars on the market by 2021.

Before last week, the Detroit-based company had previously remained quiet on the subject of release dates. Ford CEO Mark Fields spoke at a Palo Alto press conference and shared that the company sees autonomous automobiles as a priority based on key factors like passenger safety and customer experience.

Alongside its autonomous ambitions, Ford also shared its plans to double the amount of employees in its Silicon Valley offices and labs based in Palo Alto.

According to TechCrunch, the company doesn’t see 2021 as a deadline for driverless cars to become a household solution for personal transportation, but instead for the technology to be embraced in urban environments as a supplement to mass transit.



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