January 25, 2017


While it seems automakers are focusing all of their engineering and energy towards the future of autonomous cars, Ford is turning its attention to electric vehicles (EVs). They have announced  their goal to build a line of hybrid Mustangs and F-150 trucks, as well as a fully electric SUV, by 2020.

Other automakers have committed to electric vehicles as a way to lessen our country’s dependence on gasoline, but this undertaking by Ford will include 13 new hybrid and electric models. They plan to have seven of those models ready in the next five years. The new electrified cars will not just be for consumer use; Ford is planning a plug-in hybrid taxi and an EV police car that will be pursuit-rated.  

The downside of EVs is that they must be charged after driving for a certain number of miles. Ford currently produces the only pure EV in the US, which can only drive 100 miles on a charge. In addition to outfitting the future fleet with a 300-mile range, Ford is also building an “ultra-fast network” for charging by the same 2020 deadline. The auto-giant has hopes to up the ante in the future with wireless charging technology in parking spots, allowing the cars to charge without needing to plug in.


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