January 12, 2018

Last year at CES, there was a lot of hype about using induction to charge electric vehicles, but few prototypes were on display. At CES 2018, Qualcomm had its Halo technology front-and-center. They’ve taken an approach which is sort of “one-size-fits-all” — Halo suits cars of all sizes to and Qualcomm’s collaboration with automakers helps ensure optimal performance across fleets.

Instead of clunky charging stations, Halo is based on induction technology, which is highly efficient, and has two main components: the Base Charging Unit and the Vehicle Charging Unit. Other induction systems are more sensitive and require precision to power a charge. Halo’s charging area is wider, with a multi-coil design that has better efficiency and power than its cable counterparts.

In addition to their stationary charging concept, Qualcomm is also working on embedding Halo in roadways to support a charge-as-you-go scenario.

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