January 6, 2017

The pre-CES rumor mill sparked lots of attendee excitement for the 2017 show. Automotive exhibitors span an entire showroom hall, filled with everything from the latest electric vehicle prototypes and  sensor-specific displays to AI assistant integrations.

Amazon’s Alexa assistant was featured by multiple automakers, including Ford and Volkswagen (VW). Both manufacturers have integrated the technology into their vehicles, taking it beyond basic voice commands.

In Ford cars equipped with the SYNC communications systems, drivers can create a truly connected experience between their home and car, offering voice commands to do things like lock doors, turn on lights, adjust climate, etc.

VW and Ford both had their electric vehicles on the showroom floor, with NVIDIA nearby with an interactive display of smart car sensors.

The VW autonomous I.D. prototype is full of sensors (laser, ultra-sonic, radar, as well as side and front cameras) and an AR head-up display (HUD) that offers navigation instructions with realistic cues that project between 22 and 50 feet in front of the car.

Most of the bells-and-whistles touted by each automaker are to be expected, but the VW I.D. represents a major milestone for electric vehicles. Instead of requiring a clunky charging station, the I.D. was engineered for induction charging over a parking spot that’s outfitted with a special charging plate.


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