August 27, 2017

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, which made landfall in Texas on August 26 as a Category 4 storm, the IEEE-USA MOVE truck made its way to Houston to offer relief to those in need. The MOVE team started preparing for deployment on August 24, closely monitoring Harvey when it was still being labeled a tropical storm. The MOVE truck began its journey on August 25, following the storm’s upgrade in intensity to a Category 2 hurricane.

After 1,357 miles in transit, volunteers from IEEE-USA arrived in Houston. The team on the ground is working closely with the Red Cross, and will help with disaster service technology support, including providing power, internet access, charging and other relief efforts.

The storm is expected to bring catastrophic rainfall and flooding for days; according to the Weather Channel’s coverage of the storm, nearly 9 million people have been impacted by flash-flood warnings. With Houston’s William Hobby Airport being closed until at least Wednesday, people who were unable to evacuate are being encouraged to seek shelter at libraries, schools, and other buildings operating as service centers. Follow along on Facebook for updates on the relief efforts of IEEE-USA MOVE, and learn how you can help by visiting the IEEE-USA website.


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