March 13, 2017


Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 took place in Barcelona last week and showcased the biggest names and innovations in tech. IEEE was there to explore product launches, the new trends and to engage participants with the IEEE UniVRse interactive experience — an exploration into the world of virtual reality.

The MWC theme this year was “The Next Element,” which perfectly describes the state of mobile technologies today, adapting and constantly changing. The major names in mobile and tech had big launches of their newest innovations, as well as some throwback products.  The launch of the Nokia 3310 created the most buzz with its nostalgic hat-tip, as the revamped phone looks just like the original. Other phones were unveiled with better cameras, extra long battery life and larger display screens.

Participants who visited the IEEE booth were treated to a virtual reality demonstration called the IEEE UniVRse. The attendees used a VR headset to explore the historic technologies like Edison’s electric pen, the cell phone and WiFi.

MWC played host to many trends beyond mobile including VR and AR, IoT and healthcare, smart cities and connected vehicles. Our experts, IEEE Senior Member Kevin Curran, IEEE Senior Member Dr. Wendy Powell and IEEE Senior Member Christopher James were on the ground exploring new ideas and projects and shared their thoughts on noteworthy technologies and innovations.



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