January 10, 2018

It was hard not to stop at BrainCo when traversing the showroom floor at CES 2018. The promise of “unlocking the power of your brain” is pithy, and when you see it in action, it’s just plain cool.

There’s plenty of applications for BrainCo technology — incubated at the Harvard Innovation Lab — which develops brain-machine interface (BMI) hardware and software technologies. Basically, they convert brain signals into actionable digital signals.

We were able to demo one of their concepts, which involved a Sawyer Robot performing simple tasks in response to brain waves being transmitted through the Focus headband. Used in an industrial setting, the Focus headband has the potential to supplement and support warehouse workers to ensure productivity, as well as safety based on brain wave activity.

BrainCo has placed the most emphasis, however, on the Focus and its role in education, particularly in the classroom setting. Instructors can use the technology to accurately measure student engagement and resonance with topic areas and lectures in real time.

With the promise of efficiency, BrainCo continues to make waves — pun intended! — across industries.


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