January 9, 2018

Nearly every inch of the LG booth at CES this year was powered by AI, with robots featured prominently in each demo. The company laid the foundation for its commercial robots in 2017, and at CES 2018, they’re introducing show-goers to three new members of the CLOi family. The announcement, which is intended to complement advancements with LG ThinQ (the brand’s consumer-facing AI efforts), represents the investment that LG is making in deep learning.

The new CLOi robots have helped LG strengthen its commercial presence in industries like hospitality, travel, and retail. While some might put the focus on robotics as a method for ensuring precision, LG ups the ante by creating solutions that are as convenient as they are precise. The new additions include:

  • CLOi server robot: serves food and drinks at hotels and airport lounges. The robot is outfitted with a sliding tray for ease, and can move independently to ensure efficient service
  • CLOi porter robot: helps travelers with hotel check-in and check-out by facilitating payment, and delivering luggage
  • CLOi shopping cart robot: helps customers navigate grocery stores with a built-in barcode reader and integration with a smartphone app to review shopping lists, optimizing the time spent in store by consumers

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