June 27, 2017

Dr. Yu Yuan, IEEE Senior Member, Chair of the IEEE Digital Senses Initiative and Chair of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Standards Committee, attended CES Asia 2017 in Shanghai, China to observe global trends in consumer technologies.

IEEE asked Dr. Yuan to reflect on his experiences, offering insight into emerging technologies and trends.

IEEE Transmitter: What trends were the biggest at CES Asia?

Yuan: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality were everywhere, either shown as products themselves or used as interactive means to demonstrate other products and concepts. Artificial Intelligence was also behind many products to enable their core functions or simply provide friendly user interfaces and personalized user experiences.

IEEE Transmitter: Were cybersecurity and privacy concerns around new technology a focus at CES Asia? How?

Yuan: It was one of the focuses, but not highlighted too much. People were excited about new features in driving assistance, smart homes, and other areas where cybersecurity and privacy concerns are involved. The concerns could be solved and should not become a barrier to the adoption of new technologies.

IEEE Transmitter: What was your favorite tech displayed at CES Asia?

Yuan: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, of course. I enjoyed watching them being used in more and more vertical industries and application scenarios such as healthcare, education, automotive, retail, etc.

IEEE Transmitter: What up-and-coming tech do you think will be the next big thing?

Yuan: It’s difficult to pick any single tech. I would rather say, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality collectively will be the next big things and change the world dramatically.


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