Working and Learning in our Industries and Schools

While Ajay and Rina are hard at work, Jaya is studying at school. What safeguards are industries and schools using to protect the privacy and safety of those they serve?


Ajay Works on the Smart Grid

As an energy industry executive Ajay helps smart cities set up innovative ways to light up their metropolitan areas. His job is to make sure plants are stable and secure, so it is crucial that the digital technologies that power the smart grid are protected from potential threats.

Cybersecurity programs are implemented within grid system actors to ensure hardware, software and processes are protected through monitoring and inspection using best-practice change control methods, up-to-date patching and vulnerability assessment testing, and defense-in-depth cybersecurity principles.
Shawn Chandler IEEE Senior member, IEEE Power & Energy Society, IEEE Communications Society
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Rina Works at a Hospital

Rina is a physician at the local hospital. She uses a variety of digital technologies to keep track of her patients’ health data and records. When one of her patients uses a health device, such as an insulin pump, that information is shared with a third-party provider. How does she ensure that her patients’ private data is kept safe?


Jaya Goes to School

Jaya recently entered middle school, and her curriculum includes STEM classes. She enjoys playing with robots and excels in her math courses. Today she’s working through some math equations on a tablet the school provides. How can Jaya’s parents, teachers and school make sure she’s educated on smart cyber tactics to ensure her privacy and security?

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