Ready to Call it a Night

The family is ready to lock up for the night and head to bed soon. As they enjoy their evening and prepare for sleep, what cyber threats could they unknowingly encounter next?


Ajay Goes for a Run

Ajay heads out for a run and uses his smartwatch to track his pace and distance. His health vitals are stored on an app on his phone. The app tracks the route he ran and his heart rate. Why is it important for Ajay to protect his vital health data from bad actors?


Rina Locks Up the House

As the family turns in for the night, Rina double checks that the front door is locked. Rina has an IoT-connected security device installed in the house, and opens the app on her phone to see if the security cameras are working correctly.
How safe are IoT-connected security devices?


Jaya Searches the Web

Before bed Jaya uses her fingerprint to open the family tablet to browse some of her favorite websites. Ajay and Rina have discussed with Jaya the importance of only visiting safe sites and refraining from sharing any personal information without their knowledge. How are biometrics protecting the family’s devices?

Security is increasingly recognized as something that customers care about, and so we are now seeing products and services with more security features available. A good example is the option to use biometrics instead of passcodes on our personal devices -- the technology is getting better, and devices are better protected as a result.
Steven FurnellIEEE Senior member
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