On the Go During the Family Commute

The family says their goodbyes as they head out the door. They may not realize that there are potential privacy and security risks associated with the transportation they take to their destination. Learn more about the cyber threats they could unknowingly face today.


Ajay Goes to the Airport for a Business Trip

Ajay is heading to the airport for a quick business trip. Ajay will be making his way through security, logging on to the public airport WiFi and then boarding the plane. There are a variety of cybersecurity challenges Ajay and airport employees could unknowingly encounter today. Let’s investigate how he’ll stay protected on his flight.


Rina Takes the Train

Rina takes the train into the city a couple of times a week. She may not realize that the digital technologies enabling her train to operate more efficiently, such as its ability to seamlessly navigate train traffic, spot signal outages in real-time and identify peak hours to enhance service, are susceptible to bad actors who could derail her commute with the flip of a switch – and disrupt her entire day.  

Data in transit is subject to eavesdropping, and potentially an attack that could delay, prevent communication or otherwise disrupt transportation effectiveness. Data at rest is at risk of theft and manipulation.
Shawn Chandler IEEE Senior member, IEEE Power & Energy Society, IEEE Communications Society
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Jaya Carpools with a Friend to School

Jaya likes to carpool to school with her best friend. As the kids discuss their mutual interest in space travel, the friend’s dad is focusing on the road. His car has sensors that detect the car’s speed as well as how efficient the car’s performance is overall. He is also using the GPS to get the kids safely to school. Let’s explore how these technologies may be at risk for attack.

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