Rise and Shine for the Morning Routine

The family is making breakfast and preparing for their busy day. What tools are in place to protect them from cyber attacks along the way?


Ajay Makes Breakfast

Ajay uses a smart toaster, starts up the coffee maker and listens to his favorite podcast on his home assistant this morning. He may not realize that without secure passwords, his devices are at risk.


Rina Pays the Bills

While Ajay makes breakfast, Rina uses her tablet to pay bills through her online banking account and review cryptocurrency stock prices. There are a variety of ways Rina must protect her privacy and security while viewing these accounts.

Cryptojacking is becoming a widespread problem in the industry; it's where malware gets implanted on a device with the sole purpose of mining cryptocurrency for the hacker. Criminals have discovered that it can be easier to host cryptojacking malware on machines to mine cryptocurrency instead of attempting to execute traditional ransomware extortion attacks.
Kevin CurranIEEE Senior member and professor of cybersecurity at Ulster University
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Jaya Checks Social Media

Ajay and Rina finally caved to Jaya’s wishes for a smart phone this year, and she communicates with friends over a few social media accounts. Her parents helped her create a strong password, and have talked with her about keeping her accounts private. As she grows up in this cyber world, what else does she need to do in order to protect her privacy?

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