January 12, 2018

At the 2017 Maker Faire, we met the team from Pai Technology and had the chance to play around with one of their products called Ocean Pets. The platform is simple and super engaging for kids, allowing them to animate aquatic scenes with augmented reality. When we saw the Pai team at CES, we were able to test out their broader product line, which included two other STEM-focused experiences.

The first, a circuit-based concept called Circuit Conductor, which teaches kids about electricity, currents and magnets. Circuit Conductor comes with 12 different electric function blocks and special wires, creating a safe and fun environment for kids to experiment with electrical flow in real-time. The circuits pair with an app, which scans the setup to ensure connections are correct, also has tutorials and puzzles to emphasize concentration, coordination and critical thinking.

The other product on display was an augmented reality storybook concept that makes reading comprehension more immersive and interactive, bringing characters to life with an AR-equipped app, complete with 360-degree imaging so the scene moves with the reader.

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