August 27, 2015

We live in a world where Lexus is building a hoverboard, so it’s not entirely far-fetched to imagine that Jaguar is testing the brainwave waters. In a June 2015 press release, Jaguar announced a series of high-tech projects dedicated to keeping roads safer by improving driver concentration.

In addition to leveraging innovations like haptic pedals for hazard warnings, the company announced Mind Sense, a project dedicated to tapping into driver brainwaves to identify whether the vehicle operator is drowsy, daydreaming or otherwise unfocused while behind the wheel.

According to their release, the human brain generates more than four varieties of brainwaves – all at different frequencies. The key to Mind Sense is that it will continually monitor the dominant brainwaves to assess focus versus distraction.

Instead of piloting an awkward wearable like a super-wired headband, Jaguar is eyeing a method similar to one used by NASA, that would build sensors into car components like the steering wheel, so that Mind Sense could detect brainwaves through the hands.

To test viability and to verify results, Jaguar is currently working with leading neuroscientists and conducting a series of user trials.


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