July 5, 2016


Activity trackers have gone mainstream with people of all ages tracking their steps, heart rates and fitness goals. With each generation of wearables, companies are adding layers of IoT functionality to sync up wearables with everyday items — including dog collars. Whistle is a GPS tracker for dog collars that is equipped with activity tracking that integrates with a mobile app for regular updates.

The technology in this device, which attaches to your dog’s collar, takes pet ownership to the next level. If you’re curious about what your dog is up to during the day, Whistle lets you measure the dog’s active time versus resting time. The GPS tracker is a welcome addition for those whose paramount pet concern is safety; in the event that your dog gets lost, you can locate them easily through the app.

With so many everyday products incorporating IoT, it is not surprising that our pets are the next wave to benefit from connectivity. The technology shows promise to evolve beyond activity and GPS, and in the meantime, it offers an exciting new realm of insight into our pets’ lives.


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