May 12, 2016


As drone use becomes more mainstream, the airspace is becoming crowded with crafts flying into restricted areas. The appeal of flying a camera overhead for a bird’s-eye view is exciting, but when the drone comes too close to airports, planes or events, the law has to get involved.

The FAA has reported that over a period of 5 months there were 583 separate drone incidents. This included drones that were spotted by pilots. Most of the incidents did not endanger anyone, but it shows that many people are flying drones into potential dangerous situations. The safety of air travel is at stake when there are unauthorized flying objects in the skies.

An interesting result of the increase in drone mishaps is the creation of anti-drone technology. Airports, jails and sports venues would benefit from having this type of defense against rogue drones. The FAA also wants to be able to identify the owners of drones. If the identity can be obtained, the FAA can take action against the offender.

Drone regulations are important to help the public stay safe and cut down on incidents and other dangerous situations.


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