December 14, 2016


CES sets the tone for tech news and trends each year, and 2017 is shaping up to be no exception. With the show opening at the start of the new year, predictions are already trickling in.

Major reveals are expected from companies like Faraday Future, Chrysler, HTC and more. Honda is expected to showcase its NeuV prototype, with R&D CEO Yoshiyuki Matsumoto on-hand to present.

In addition to reveals, 2017 seems to be the year of collaboration. Big-name brands are expected to use CES as an opportunity to announce new ventures with like-minded companies and startups.

The focus isn’t just on automakers. Mobile is poised to make waves at CES in 2017, with ASUS announcing that they will be unveiling a new phone that will incorporate augmented reality (AR) functions. While no other details have been released, we’re looking forward to learning more.

In addition to AR, virtual reality (VR) continues to grow. Affordable VR headsets are expected to be out in full-force at the show. With increased adoption of VR headsets comes an increased demand for VR content, a trend we expect to pick up steam at CES.


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