February 13, 2017


As more tasks become automated, people fear that their jobs will become obsolete. Robots taking away jobs from humans is a concern, but there are some jobs that we would happily hand over to our robotic friends.

The collection and analyzation of sewage from sewer pipes is one of those jobs that would not be missed if it became a robot’s task. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have created a robot, named Luigi, that can help researchers do the dirty work necessary to monitor diseases, drugs and pollutants that can be found in sewage. Data collected from sewage can clue researchers into problems that can affect neighborhoods, offering a window into the health of the people who live there.

Other dirty jobs that we have already handed over to robots include household tasks like vacuuming and washing, with devices that roam around our homes.Robots in the home are advancing from just cleaning floors to taking on bathrooms, including toilets. An Israeli company is working on a robot that attaches to the toilet and cleans the bowl automatically. We happily welcome new technology that promises to be helpful and share some of the dirty work.


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