September 7, 2017

IEEE conducted interviews with robotics experts from all around the world and asked them to speak about how robots learn and to share demos of the robots they’ve worked with.

Our second video features IEEE Member Jayakrishnan T, who runs a company called Asimov Robotics in India and is a member of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society. The robots that the company makes are service robots and medical robots.

In the video, Jayakrishnan T explains how robots learn in two ways: through database training and on their own. The companion robots that they build can be used in healthcare, education, hospitality, retail and security. Robots that help humans are found all over the world with jobs such as explosive detonation, parking and home construction.

Based on where the robot will be used, the engineers have the ability to customize the robot’s behavior based on customers’ needs. They train the robots using a database and look at the physical aspects of what they want the arms and hands to do. All of the conditions that may affect mobility are collected for the customization.

The robots are also able to learn on their own. They collect data through laser sensors, cameras and tactile sensors in the fingers. Robots can learn from the data and modify their engines to do different tasks.

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