September 3, 2015

Thanks to reality television programming, the real estate industry has wedged itself between the worlds of entertainment and investment. Buyers today have resources like Zillow and Trulia, which have transformed house hunting – making it as simple as the click of a mouse to review available housing inventory. No matter the climate of the housing market, the one cue we can take from big city brokers is that presentation is everything.

3D modeling has kicked old school blueprints to the curb, offering prospective buyers a much more tangible layout of the place they could call home. As Fortune reported in June, Matterport, a rising tech company focused on real estate, is looking to dive deeper into the industry, blending its existing 3D modeling technology with virtual reality capabilities.

Matterport, which recently secured an additional $30 million in Series C funding, is making strides toward optimizing the process of perusal, so that buyers are no longer restricted to photo galleries and map tools to narrow their initial search.

Instead of just harnessing the elements of a property listing that look good on paper – school district, lot size, tax history, etc. – Matterport’s 3D and virtual reality technologies offer prospective buyers the experience to screen properties based on more emotional feelings by placing themselves within a listing.


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