January 9, 2017


With the increase in VR/AR online experiences and games, companies are trying to figure out how to make avatars that look as realistic as possible. Startup Loom.ai is using technology that not only makes avatars look realistic, but also portrays the user’s actual personality traits.

The creation of digital characters from an existing image is not a new concept, but incorporating their personality is. The goal is to make it really easy for a user to have an avatar that looks and acts like them in a virtual reality space. The software would create a 3D avatar for the user after uploading a picture. Through machine learning and facial recognition data from photos and videos, the avatars will be “trained” on the user’s personality.

Loom.ai founders are seasoned designers; they’ve tapped into their past work in film production, like for the Hulk character in The Avengers, using CGI models to create the visual effects for this new wave of avatars.


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