February 27, 2017


With virtual reality experiences popping up everywhere, it was only a matter of time until the music industry embraced the technology. From interactive music videos to live concerts, listening to your favorite songs has become a more immersive experience.

Last year, Queen worked with Google Play to create a VR experience that placed the listener inside their Bohemian Rhapsody music video from 1975. Combining actual video footage with animation, it allowed the viewer to feel as though they were on stage and depending on where they looked, the sounds they heard change. Rather than only listening to a song, the VR integration made them part of the full experience.

In addition to exploring music history in VR, it can also be used to amplify real-time experience for concerts. While nothing beats hearing your favorite band live in concert, seeing a concert live in VR might be the next best thing. Special VR cameras can capture a live concert and stream it to fans across the world who buy a ticket to view the streamed footage. The 360-degree experience of VR can make it feel as though you are really at the concert venue instead of your living room. With live concert ticket prices constantly rising, this experience is a good alternative to check out that new band or to see a show that might be out of your budget. The video can even include cameras on stage which can be more exciting than if you actually went to the show. The future of music and VR is all about entering the world of the musician rather than listening to one individual song with only your ears.


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