December 2, 2015

There have been many advancements in photography over the years, but most have been innovations in camera tech or image type — including panoramic pictures being easy to snap with a smartphone.

According to an article in Engadget, Flickr seized an opportunity to take panoramic photos to the next level, debuting a virtual reality (VR) concept at the XOXO Festival in Portland, Oregon. The new service would align with the existing Flickr platform, leveraging an Oculus headset to bring 360-degree panoramic pictures to life.

The brand’s foray into VR is still in its early days, and the project’s front-end architect, Bertrand Fan, says that he hopes to evolve the compatibility to include VR accessories beyond Oculus, and to grow the functionality beyond slideshows.

As VR continues to strengthen as an industry, the possibilities for how Flickr and sites like it has the potential to greatly improve the overall user experience.


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