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AmanTron Gaming Console-1


If you're thrilled playing racing games, how about driving for real. Replacing keyboard with steering wheel and gear shifter, having acceleartor and break under your feet? Here you go!

The Purpose

As AmanTron Gaming Console -1 is world's cheapest gaming console till now and it is completely made out of E- waste which is one of the major problem for our society as well as for our Environment. Now by this project I am trying to provide all new thrilling experience to our gamers and on the other hand a step towards green world.

The Technology

1.To make games more thrilling, exciting and entertaining. 2.To get real driving feel while racing. 3.To SAVE money while doing all these (this is the cheapest project in this context). 4.To save the nature too (its made of e-waste) 5.To try something innovative. 6. It is an plug and play device no additional software or hardware is required. 7. There is extra load on system by the use of this console.

Additional Details

AmanTron Gaming Console -1 is designed and implement in such a manner that it could provide you with all new experience in world of racing games, the material used to develop this device is E- waste which is the one of the major problem for our Environment. By this project we are trying to provide all new thrilling and exciting experience and on the same site helping our Environment. As this device is having no heating effect and work with good accuracy and it also allows users to moderate it as per there need.

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