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Projecta - Faster PCB Prototyping Machine Than EVER!

MAKERS: Mo'men , AbdulRhaman COUNTRY: Egypt

Projecta is a PCB machine that uses engraving in creative way. It engraves Ink on the surface PCB leaving your beautiful design on the broad in very high quality.

The Purpose

PCB -Printed Circuit Board- prototyping is one of the most critical issue in electronic design. Each PCB fabrication method has it's own advantages and disadvantages, while Some of them provide high quality but so expensive (i.e CNC,Photo resist), some others are cheap but give you bad quality (i.e Direct Ink Transfer) We thought of some thing that maintains high quality and comes in affordable price, in addition to be fast and easy, that's Projecta

The Technology

The creative idea we applied in Projecta is we cover the PCB board with any available metallic marker and the machine engraves the ink layer to produce a very high resolution image as resulted in photo-resist dry-films. It's being controlled by ARM CortexM-4 MCU

Additional Details

*Very high quality. *USB controlled. *Faster than any method. *You don't have to buy additional material to work. *Affordable. *Easy to use. *No need to repeating until you're satisfied. *Working space that fits for any PCB.

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