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WheelChair Control By Eye Movements

MAKERS: Adithya , SaiPriya , Yamini , Vishnu Varma COUNTRY: India

People in conventional wheelchair suffer from a lot of physical strain and many suffering from cerebralpalsy are dependent on others. Hence controlling wheelchair through eye will be an easier task.

The Purpose

With increasing population, the ratio of people with disabilities (PWD) has been increasing. They require frequent monitoring and assistance from others. Use of conventional wheelchair does not meet the need of every person using those (e.g. Quadriplegias) and require excessive physical strength. Hence, the effective alternative can be provided by embedding the eye-tracking technique, by which a person can automate the wheelchair with the eye movement.

The Technology

We are making use of simpler technology to make it cost efficient. A basic camera recording with 30fps will transmit continuous snapshots of face to MatLab, which detects the eye through viola jones and KLT algorithms and then takes the decision for the movement by comparing present and previous snapshots. Matlab will send its decisions to Arduino over serial communication which in turn will control the motor driver to move in a specified direction.

Additional Details

In the proposed project, we design a prototype where a person on this wheelchair assembly, can control his movement with the help of eye-tracking camera. Along with the movement of the wheelchair,it enables the person to detect the obstacles and overcome them using ultrasonic sensor which is embedded in the design. The camera signals are monitored by the processor using MATLAB script, which will then guide the motors wired to the Arduino Microcontroller over the Serial Interface to move in a particular direction. To the proposed design, we are also including a power saving mechanism which lowers the power consumption.

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