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Seer: IOT based intelligent personal Assistant


SEER is a 9-inch hands-free wireless speaker made up of Raspberry Pi 3 model B with an integrated camera you control with your voice.


The Purpose

SECURITY-SEER is a new approach to smart home security, automation, voice control. 1. Seer automatically pulls in contacts for police, fire, and EMS closest to your home, giving you one-touch access to the proper authorities no matter where you are in the world. With video and audio evidence of burglaries in progress, your call will get the priority it deserves. 2. Automatic mode switching. There's no need to fuss with a keypad or even pull out? your phone. Seer senses when you come and go, and automatically changes modes. 3. High-quality video, day or night. With Seer premium video quality, superior night vision.

The Technology

We have used the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B regarding our project. It consists of the Alexa API which is basically a medium of voice assistance. For input of speech signal, there is a microphone which is used to catch individual speech signal and the answer is provided with the medium of a speaker or headphones depending on the choice of an individual. At present the prototype is working as the voice calculator, providing call facilities, assistance to messaging, radio broadcasting, etc.

Additional Details

1.Unless you work from home, traffic conditions to your place of business is an important detail to know each day. 2.Domino's Pizza now makes it possible to order food simply by sending a tweet. 3.Yes, you can order on Uber using our Seer. 4.With Seer you can create alarm, reminders, even calls, message, reply them and create a full environment of a smart home. 5.Help the visually impaired/old age people to connect with the world by giving them access to Wikipedia, Gmail, music, news, voice-controlled calculator. 6.With merely your voice, you can control your lights and plays all your music from, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon.

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