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Anti Day Dreaming Pen

MAKERS: Michael COUNTRY: India

The device can be attached to any pen and alerts the user when they start daydreaming by measuring the pressure on the grip.


The Purpose

There are many people like me in this world who have very active imagination and no matter how hard we try our mind wanders off. Thus I created a device that can be attached to any pen and whenever the user starts to daydream it would alert them by the means of a bright LED or a small beep sound. Also an app was created to show the amount of time the user spends daydreaming in a graphical manner. The device can be used for self analysis and self improvement purposes.

The Technology

The device works on the principle that when a person is studying or writing they tend to have a firm grip on the pen and as they start daydreaming the grip loosens. This variation in pressure on the grip is picked up by Force sensor and sent to Arduino which on detecting daydreaming gives the user 5 seconds before turning on a LED to alert the user. The app can be used to view the time spent daydreaming and concentrating during various sessions in a graphical manner and also in real time.

Additional Details

1. Low cost device. 2. I plan on making the device small and portable such that it can be connected to any pen. 3. A good tool for self improvement as one can observe their own progress in the form of graph. It's a device built for Daydreamers by a Daydreamer :-)

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