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Weather based Smart Home Solar Power management with IOT

MAKERS: Aranganathan COUNTRY: India

Project aims to improve the efficient distribution of the Solar power with the Daily Weather details. Smart algorithm used and complete monitoring in Web-page. Update-able in Home UPS system.


The Purpose

This smart unit collects the weather data from the cloud and calculates the maximum power delivered to the load ,with the battery full charged at the end of the day. This ensures that power backup is maintained even at power cut. Significantly this unit adjusts the load value for any size of panel being installed. This can be implemented to any existing Home Ups system. Total flexibility is made in the Solar power based system. All the details Solar power and Load can be monitored and controlled through Web-page or Android application.

The Technology

This project the uses the IOT and weather database to efficiently manage the load of the Solar panel. It uses the ESP8266 module to send and receive data using Internet protocol. With the inbuilt WIFI this micro-controller connects to the Internet easily.PWM controller is used as the Charging circuit to charge the Battery. Relay Logic is used to control the Circuit form the controller. All the data can be monitored and controlled using the HTML web-page or using the Android application. Thus total Solar Power Management with high efficiency makes the system so unique.

Additional Details

Supervisory Control and the Monitoring made possible. Smart Solution to small and large scale Solar systems. Cost Effective solution. Weather changes can be easily adapted. Can be tied up with any other power supply. Any existing Inverter System can be utilized. Implemented and Working in my Home.

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