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Voice Controlled Toy Lamborghini

MAKERS: Muneeb COUNTRY: United States

The project presents a Cloud and Alexa based implementation of a Voice Controlled Toy Car.

The Purpose

The purpose of this project was to build a plug and play interface that would convert and enhance ordinary household electronics devices into Smart devices that could be controlled via voice commands from any where around the world. This project demonstrates one of the applications of the device by controlling the transmitter of a toy car via voice commands. Moreover, this project also demonstrates the idea of having smart toys, that could be used by physically disabled kids. If someone has a physically disability that restricts him from normal movement, such voice based devices can be used with ease.

The Technology

Amazon voice Service is coupled with Alexa Skills Kit to build the voice interface application with custom commands and responses. Amazon Web Service is used for the deployment of the code using server less computing which acts as an interface between the Amazon Voice Service and the Particle Cloud. The Particle cloud is further interfaced with the Particle Photon, which is in turn able to control a set of relays. The transmitter of the car has been reverse engineered to provide the actuating signal to the reciever. SSML along with bluetooth speakers are used for the sound effects.

Additional Details

The car is able to using voice commands * Move Forward and Backward * Move Left and Right * Controllable from around the world using voice commands * Realistic Lamborghini Sounds * Custom commands and responses * Different Modes 1. Police 2. Light Mode 3. Swarm Mode

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