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Smart Fridge

MAKERS: Ling , Yifang , Chenyang , Yuelun COUNTRY: United States

Smart Fridge is a IoT-based smart fridge, using Computer Vision to automatically log in food and communicate with users by SMS of current storage, expiration date, nutrition and recommended receipts.


The Purpose

We saw the brand new Samsung Family Hub smart fridge at the CES 2017, which require troublesome manual data log-in for the goods stored inside. We got inspired to create a smart fridge that can automatically log in what's inside the fridge, enable users to access the data remotely and have information recommended for the users based on what they have in the fridge.

The Technology

The technology mainly used are IoT technology and Machine Learning (Computer Vision, Knowledge Graph, and Recommendation Algorithm). The fridge is connected to the flask web server deployed on Google App Engine and interact with the users through SMS messages of current storage, expiration dates and nutrition, using Twilio API. It also used Computer Vision to detect the object stored inside, and determine the exact label for the objects inside with Knowledge Graph with Google APIs. Based on the identified labels of the objects, it uses the recommendation algorithm to recommend the receipts.

Additional Details

Further development in the future: 1) Computer Vision System Better recognition of photos containing multiple items of different categories More accurate and systematic labeling of new items 2) Data log-in/Request methods Use speech recognition to log in data, complementary to Computer Vision A smarter twilio assistant capable of natural language processing 3) Data Utilization Features Automatically refill necessity through Google Express or Amazon Fresh

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