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Transmit music over the Visible Light Spectrum using Li-Fi.


Imagine a place with no-wires/routers/modems whatsoever! Worth investing! Right ? Light Fidelity(Li-Fi) is an emerging super-fast/super-sexy technology that can be implemented in every-aspect of data-transmission and probably, is the key of future-communication!


The Purpose

Other than Wi-Fi or any current transmission networks, LiFi is the healthier Alternative. Because, It works on Visible Light Spectrum. And so, No radiation ! No EMF exposure ! Nowadays, Music Streaming is becoming very popular and thus, My Project is near-Perfect solution for this, because light spectrum is also 10,000 times broader than the radio spectrum, providing greater bandwidth than WiFi. One more supporting factor is, that Li-Fi is blazingly fast ! 224 gigabits per second! or say, 18 BlueRay quality movies in one second !! And, So it may handle the tremendously growing internet population. Other than these, Li-Fi can also control the increasing frequency of Dead-Spots(Internet-Failures).

The Technology

My Project is based on Light Fidelity A.K.A. Li-Fi and, is the Current state-of-the-art technique for data-transmission/broadcasting. Li-Fi is a bidirectional, high-speed and fully networked wireless communication technology similar to Wi-Fi. Visible light communications (VLC) works by switching the current to the LEDs off and on at a very high rate too quick to be noticed by the human eye, to deliver networked, mobile, high-speed communication. Lots and lots of research is currently going on, in this field. According to some Research-Papers, it's said that Li-Fi can attain upto 224 gigabits per second! I myself also have composed a research paper on Li-Fi.

Additional Details

# Some of the benefits of this technology :-- # **Increased Efficiency** -- Li-Fi operates using visible light technology. Because offices and homes already use LED light bulbs, the same source of light can be used to transmit data wirelessly. **Cost** -- A Cheaper, Faster Alternative to Wi-Fi !! Yes ! It's very cost effective. **Availability** -- Dead spots, goodbye! With Li-Fi technology, anywhere there's light, there's a connection. **Security** -- Li-Fi technology can't be Penetrated nor can be Eavesdropped. **Bandwidth** -- The light spectrum is also 10,000 times broader than the radio spectrum, providing greater bandwidth than WiFi.

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