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MAKERS: Rajitha Bhavani , Soujanya , Pradeep COUNTRY: India

It is a fish robot to monitor the environmental conditions like pH levels,temperature,oxygen levels in the fish farm.These environmental conditions are informed to the user by mobile,dashboard in abnormal conditions.


The Purpose

our problem focuses on fish farming.Fish farming is a blooming industry of almost 78 billion dollars,and is increasing day by day. INDIA is the leading country in aquaculture according to the statistics provided. The main loss in the fish farming is due to the death od the fish because of improper environmental conditions which include dissolved oxygen levels, ph levels and the temperature levels.At present,these conditions are tested by taking samples to laboratories or by dipping kits at different places in the pond.

The Technology

This fish robot consists of three parts as usual a head,body and a tail. The tail oscillates continously as soon as it is left in the water,It consists of the servomotors which provides the motive power fo the machine to move The body consists of the battery and the microcontroller.The head consists of the sensors. microcontroller: android,mkr1000 sensor: PH sensor,temperature sensor,IR sensor

Additional Details

When the fish travels through the water it collects the data through the sensors an send it to the cloud.The application on the mobile phone as well as the dash board recieves the data from the cloud.People familiar with mobile aplications can use it whereas others can use the dashboard which contains meters showing the readings of the environmental levels.In extreme conditions warnig will pop up on phone and continuous red light beeps out on the dashboard. Our piscirobo is not meant for the large waterbodies but is suitable for waterbodies like ponds,lakes

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