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Robotic maid (automated assistant for collecting and ordering things)

MAKERS: Abdelgabar , Maab COUNTRY: Sudan

Automated robot that detects objects with their features and take them to their places. In this prototype detection is accomplished by colors, it could be more efficient in the future


The Purpose

This robot can be useful in houses, offices and other places where people have "things" and they need to order them..or search for one of these objects. People get a maid or an assistant for doing this, so this robot will be an alternative, an efficient one.

The Technology

I'm using a camera to take a life stream -what is seen by the robot- and send this stream to the pc.. which uses cv techniques to detect the object with its specific features(here the color) and decide one of 4 cases: 1- front..the robot go forward 2-left.. the robot turn left 3-right..turn right 4-none..the robot turn and start searching again The movement of the entire robot is controlled by a microcontroller (here an arduino) Arduino Commands: -Go forward -Go backward -Turn left -Turn right -Grip(close the gripper to collect something) -Open the gripper to put down the object

Additional Details

May be this way of detection (by color) is very low in level..but this is just for the prototype..detection can be accomplished by machine learning mechanisms Hope this project make sense, even though it will not win, few informations and advices will be great for me. Thank you

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