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Air Pollution Monitoring System

MAKERS: Yazan , Ruslan , Abdullah , Yousef COUNTRY: Qatar

A system that measures CO2, dust and temperature from surrounding environment and sends data to users using Blynk application. International standards are used for alerting the user.


The Purpose

In the previous years, the pollution levels due to different industries and urbanization have been rising dramatically, making it crucial to have a trusted and technologically advanced way of measuring and monitoring some of the most important air elements, including CO2, dust, and temperature, in order to be able to keep track of how some of the current civilization acts such as forests cutting, increased use of vehicles and other industrial acts endanger not only our health but also the environment.

The Technology

The system uses inexpensive sensors to measure CO2 (M3811 CO2 sensor), dust (GP2Y1010AU0F) and temperature (LM 35). Each sensor is followed with electronics transducer in order to amplify and filter out the noise signals. After that, Arduino Microcontroller is used as data acquisition system to convert the analog signals into digital signals. In order to track the system in real time, a communication solution has been introduced using Arduino Ethernet shield. To display the readings of sensors remotely, Blynk mobile application has been used, where Blynk is a platform used to design a mobile application to interact with IoT devices.

Additional Details

? The system gives real-time measurements. ? High accuracy with an error equal to 2% with respect to a reference device. ? The temperature sensor has been calibrated manually. ? Readings are displayed in various ways including graphical way. ? Data is stored in Blynk Cloud for further studies by experts. ? Alert users when the amount of CO2 and dust goes beyond the international standards.

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