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As the name suggests this is the project of providing smart security at the main door. This consists Of dual mode security .


The Purpose

This project is made to solve the problem of security of home even not in the presence of owner in his/her home . In the absence of the owner ,anyone can try to enter in home but there are also so many devices like cctvs , alarms can help but this project gives u real time report and different modes of security of home .so this project solves problem. This all is controlled by the Bluetooth . Owner can see all disturbances of door in a particular range that when gate is opened or closed .

The Technology

This project is having a microcontroller named Arduino for controlling whole system , bluetooth module for wireless operation of door ,servo motor for motion of gate, keypad for password, LCD for displaying current status of door, ultrasonic sensor for detecting presence of objects, buzzer for alarming the system, LED for indication and an android application for controlling bluetoooth module.

Additional Details

If the owner want to that anyone can enter the house then the door will open automatically in the presence of someone in front of it .Secondly if owner don't want that everyone can enter then their is another mode of opening the door having password pattern . User will enter password and if the password gets correct at first time time then gate will be open and and a message will be displayed outside the house If the password gets wrong then the gate will not open.This all is controlled by the Bluetooth .

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