April 18, 2017

IoT connected devices are growing at an incredibly fast pace with projections estimating that the number of connected devices worldwide will rise from 15 billion to today to 200 billion by 2020. With so many devices constantly collecting personal data, there are trade offs to being even more connected.

IoT connected devices are not just commonplace in the home; cars, offices and grocery stores are also getting the IoT treatment. When connected, a particular device in your car can give you insurance discounts, but the tradeoff is that your driving habits are tracked through data collected by your insurance company.  In the grocery store, your data and preferences may be collected at the promise of a coupon. These IoT devices are beneficial, but there is always an opportunity cost, whether it’s privacy or security.

As we become more connected outside the home, our devices are able to give us more insight into the way we live, ultimately making us more productive and efficient by saving time and money. Those benefits are lost if our data makes its way into the wrong hands.

Experience a day in an IoT-connected life and learn about the relationship between the IoT and Big Data, as well as the security risks involved.


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