March 15, 2017


Cybersecurity needs for the government, businesses and other parts of society are constantly growing, making cybersecurity training and education a vital need. There is a distinct lack of skilled and trained workers in this specialty area. “Teaching Cybersecurity Using the Cloud”, a technical paper from the IEEE Xplore® Digital Library, explores a solution to this problem that utilizes a cloud computing system to conduct a course for students on cybersecurity.

Teaching students about cybersecurity involves more than reading from a textbook and learning about theories. Students must also have practical and hands-on experiences dealing with cybersecurity threats. The article authors used cloud computing through Amazon Web Services to teach a senior course on cybersecurity across two campuses in a virtual classroom with live audio and video. They studied how cloud-based laboratory exercises could teach students the skills they would need to pursue a career in cybersecurity.

The goal of the course was to expose students to modern network security issues, protocols and technologies, as well as analyzing security solutions and countermeasures. The students were able to learn and perform lab activities all within the cloud. This cloud model of learning can enable students to gain invaluable cybersecurity skills, without having to be at a specific location. In turn, this way of teaching can help to educate more students, without the need for a traditional classroom and lab setup, leading to a growing workforce of cybersecurity experts.

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Teaching Cybersecurity Using the Cloud

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