January 20, 2016

Automakers made great waves at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) earlier this month. Luxury name brands like BMW grabbed attendee attention with major activations and big-ticket test-drive experiences located just outside the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Many of the headline-grabbing innovations touted by car companies revolved around things like virtual reality and driverless cars, but it was Honda that set itself apart by reinforcing its commitment to energy management, with products including its Power Exporter 9000, an external power output device, and its Clarity Fuel Cell electric vehicle on display.

The products showcased are all part of the brand’s mission to create a “smart community” that better utilizes renewable energy like hydrogen to power their vehicles, with the hopes of reducing CO2 emissions. CES sets the stage for connectivity, with several exhibitors immersed in the IoT, but Honda’s Power Manager gave refreshed meaning to the “connected home” concept. The Power Manager is a V2H-compatible DC normal charger that can supply electricity between fuel cell and electric vehicles to homes and other facilities.


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